Lesson Plans for Dee Hudak for week of 9/28/2015

Spanish I- Accelerated

Lunes- 09/28/15

S=Workbook p. 8

I= Gramática: Cognates- p. 16

M= Students view SmartBoard presentation

P= 1. Actividad 33: Cognados- p. 17

2. Actividad 34: Los Cognados- p. 17

C=Cognate worksheet

Hw=Workbook p. 9

Martes- 09/29/15

S=Listening Activity 5- p. 3

P= 1. Actividad 35: Cognados- p. 17

2. Actividad 36: ¿De dónde eres?- p. 17

C=Presentations of Actividad 34: ¿De dónde eres?

Hw=Workbook p. 10

Miércoles- 09/30/15

S= What do you have to study for the quiz?

P= Repaso de la Lección A- p. 21


Hw=Study for the quiz


Q: Lección 1A

Viernes- 10/02/15

S= Quiz grade review

I= Vocabulario 1B: Saludos y despedidas- p. 23


Lesson Plans for Dee Hudak for week of 9/21/2015

Spanish I- Accelerated

Lunes- 09/21/15

S= Discussion of where students are from

I= Vocabulario 2: Soy de las Américas- p. 10

M= Students chorally repeat the names of Spanish speaking countries

P= Kahoot!

Hw=Workbook pages 4, 5

Martes- 09/22/15

Early dismissal

S=List as many countries as you can

I=Los números 1-20 p.11

M=Students chorally repeat numbers

P= Listening Activity 2- p. 1

C=PPT: Random numbers

Miércoles- 09/23/15


S= PPT: Random numbers words

I= Gramática: Definite articles and countries- p. 14

M= Teacher reviews countries that have a definite article used with its name

P= 1. Actividad 28: ¿Qué países son?- p. 14

2. Actividad 29: Los artículos definidos- p. 14

C=How many countries have a definite article

Hw=Workbook pp. 6, 7 (Act. 10)

Viernes- 09/25/15

S= Number worksheet (green)  

P= 1. Actividad 23: Una conversación- p. 12

2. Actividad 20: Países y capitales- p. 12

3. Actividad 21: ¿Cuál es el intruso?- p. 12

C=Game: Lotería

Lesson Plans for Dee Hudak for week of 9/14/2015

Spanish I- Accelerated

Lunes- 09/14/15

Martes- 09/15/15

Miércoles- 09/16/15

S= Distribute ¡Qué chévre! codes

I= 1. Controls

2. iCulture

3. Hudak’s webpage

4. Remind

M= Teacher will demonstrate each item

C=Students write sentences introducing self, spelling name, and leave taking


S= Alphabet practice

S= What are these words missing?

I= Gramática: Punctuation- p. 6

M= Teacher demonstrates the use of question marks and exclamation points

P= 1. Actividad 11: La puntuación correcta- p. 6

2. Actividad 12: ¿Cúal es el orden? - p. 6

S=Quinceañera video

I=Cultura: Una gran celebración- p. 8

M=Students read aloud Una gran celebración- p. 8

C=Actividad 14: Comprensión- p. 8

Hw=Workbook pp. 1, 3 #4

Viernes- 09/18/15

S= Homework check

I= Estrategia: Recognizing classroom expressions- p. 7

M= Students listen to various classroom expressions

P= Game: Simon says

S=Video clip of people greeting each other

I=Cultura: Abrazos, besos, y más- p. 9

M=Students read aloud Abrazos, besos, y más- p. 9

C=Actividad 16: Comprensión- p. 9

Lesson Plans for Dee Hudak for week of 9/07/2015

Spanish I- Accelerated

Lunes- 09/07/15

Martes- 09/08/15

Seating chart

S= Please complete the following sentences.       

      1. I like it when teachers...

      2. I hate it when teachers...       

        Write your answers down.

I=  1. Rules

     2. Book distribution

3. Explain notebook Vocabulary, Notes, Work

4. Explain website

Miércoles- 09/08/15

S= Students brainstorm answers to: How do people reach out to communicate with others?

I= Presentation: ¿Sabías que…?- p. 1

M= Students read

U= Ask students to generate other Spanish words they may know

I=Mis metas- p. 1

M=Students review goals for this chapter

I=Video: El cuarto misterio- p. 1

M=Students view video

C= Video Act. 4: Students complete fill-in


S= Turn to your neighbor and introduce yourself. By the end of the period you will be able to it in Spanish.

I= Presentation: ¡Hola! ¿Cómo te llamas?- p. 2

M= Students view and listen to greeting and leave taking vocabulary

P= Actividad 6- p. 4 Students write and appropriate kphrase for each situation

I= Presentation: El alfabeto- p. 2

M= Students view and chorally repeat the alphabet using PPT

C=Turn to your neighbor and introduce yourself in Spanish.

Hw=Workbook page 1

Viernes- 09/10/15

S= Alphabet practice

I= Para conversar- p. 3

M= Students read

P= Actividad 1: ¿Cómo se escribe?: Students write dictated names- p. 3

I= Diágolo- p. 5

P= Actividad 7: ¿Qué recuerdas?: Students write answers to questions based on dialogue- p. 5

C=Vocabulary  sheet